What is a relaxation class?

In the relaxation classes I run, we do a triple whammy of healing in every session. Clients lie or sit down, and I always advise them to make a cosy nest and bring whatever they want from home to achieve that – pillows/blankets etc. 

We have a guided meditation playing – I use a different one each time but I always use Glenn Harrold. I’ve used Glenn for over 16 years and I think his meditations are fantastic and very powerful.

Each client has crystals placed on their body over the blanket on the chakras (the body’s main energy centres).

I then sit at the front and provide reiki healing to everyone. Classes are for an hour, but there’s usually nattering before and after. 

I love this format as I feel it’s important to bring healing to the many and not the few.

There are two payment options for classes – you can book week by week for £7.50 a class, or at any time you can block book for £5 a class.  All classes are pre-paid.

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