Diamonds are a girl’s best friend right?!

Especially this little beauty – the Herkimer Diamond.

The Wonderful Herkimer Diamond

I have heard a lot about the amazing healing powers of the Herkimer for physical ailments. In some of the crystal groups I’m in, I’ve heard people’s accounts of Herkimers healing open wounds and all sorts of wonderful things.

I usually use crystals for more mental / spiritual things like balancing chakras etc, however one day I had a physical ailment and was drawn to using the Herkimer.

I had an area of skin that had a small scar on it and had done for a long time. As is in my nature, I poked and prodded it one day and it had a really bad reaction. A huge lump formed underneath it and it was incredibly painful.

Over a three week period, I used the Herkimer constantly by taping it directly to the problem area, 24 hours a day. I had a one week break after a week and then did another week. The results were astounding to me (although I don’t know why I was so astounded, as I completely trust the healing energy of crystals)

I’ve done a little video below talking you through my experiences of using the Herkimer.

The energies of the crystal can help to fight pain, and help to re-align and heal the body’s tissues. Of course the crystal has many more healing attributes than these, but this was the reason I chose to use this beautiful crystal.

You can read more about the Herkimer at my favourite crystal site Crystal Vaults.

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