Salon Safety During the COVID Pandemic

In line with Government guidance, the Salon I work from, You Beauty, opened back up on 4 July.

To ensure maximum safety of both our clients and ourselves, Charlotte and I have agreed to work on our own in the Salon rather than double up like we did ‘before’; I have therefore been working in the Salon Monday and Tuesday evenings, and from 7 September 2020, also during school hours on a Monday. Until such time as the pandemic situation changes, this will continue.

We have implemented various procedures in the Salon – all of which you are most probably now used to, or have seen on my Facebook or Instagram posts.

Pre-Appointment Changes

I have updated my appointment booking system and all clients are issued with COVID guidance when they receive their appointment confirmation and reminders.

As part of this, I have implemented a COVID self-certification form for clients to confirm before their appointment that they are not at high risk of spreading COVID; this form must be completed as close as possible to your appointment, and the appointment cannot proceed until this has been done.

Salon Safety

Only one client can be in the Salon with me at one time, and gaps between appointments have been increased to allow time for cleaning.

Upon entry to the Salon, both the client and myself must wear a face mask covering both the nose and mouth.

The hand sanitiser at the door must be used and the client’s temperature is taken. Temperatures are recorded on the consultation form.

Consultation forms are now done by me electronically, so we will have a chat with the lap top open whilst sitting in reception (at social distance, and with me behind the perspex screen).

Clients are requested to keep their masks on during the treatment, and I will also be wearing a visor over my face as well as a mask.

During your treatment, I will be minimising movement around the room. Whereas I would usually move around the client’s body, I am staying at the feet. This does not impact the session in any way.

Clients are asked to pay electronically (no cash). We have a card machine in the Salon, and both PayPal and BACS options are provided in the booking confirmation emails.

Track and Trace

Records are maintained of all clients visiting the salon.

As part of the COVID self-certification form clients are asked to notify me immediately within the two weeks following their appointment if they have any COVID related concerns / symptoms.

Salon Safety During the COVID Pandemic
Salon Safety During the COVID Pandemic

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