I thought it would be really interesting to share some anonymous client case studies, particularly for people who have never received Reiki or Crystal Healing before.

The first case study I wanted to share is one from a very dear client who has been coming to see me for a while (COVID aside). My client has metastasized breast cancer.

It would be irresponsible of me not to put a little disclaimer before sharing my client’s Reiki story.

When someone comes to me with any medical condition, I always ask that they ensure their doctors are aware that they are having Reiki. Particularly where clients are taking medication, holistic healing can affect the client’s medications needs and so this should to be monitored by a qualified clinician.

Where a client has a serious medical issue, Reiki or any type of holistic healing should never be used instead of medical treatment, but it can be used safely alongside medical treatment to support the client’s healing. There are some fantastic research programmes going on around the world to provide clinical evidence of the effects of Reiki, but that is for another post!

Back to my gorgeous client.

I’ll share the case study in the client’s own words, including the questions I asked.

How have you received healing from Kalma?

Salon Appointments.

Why did you decide to try Reiki / Crystal Healing?

I needed to find a treatment that worked on my mind as well as my body after being diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer and one that would help balance my body without affecting my medical treatment.

How had you been feeling before coming for healing for the first time?

I was really stressed, trying to juggle work, family and my treatment as it has always been important to me to present a positive attitude to everyone but I was feeling anything but positive inside!

How did you feel when you arrived for your first session?

I was just so grateful that I could have treatment because so much is not allowed when you have cancer. I was excited to try a holistic approach and Faye is just so kind and relatable, I told her more about me than most people that I work with know!

How did you feel during your session(s)?

It was the strangest experience.

I hadn’t said where my tumours were but Faye was instinctively drawn to the area I was struggling with the most.

I experienced a hot sensation and then a sudden flood of feeling.

I had clarity of mind for the first time since my diagnosis and pain relief that felt like it was deep rooted in me, like my body was able to start helping itself heal.

How did you feel after your session(s)?

I felt really emotional.

It was like taking a huge leap forward after having so many setbacks.

I felt more positive, like I was finally taking control and because the therapy didn’t compromise my medical treatment, I was confident that the benefits would help not only me, but my family too as I felt so much better mentally as well as physically.

Please describe any ongoing benefits you felt you had from your session(s).

The benefits are physical, emotional and mental.

I just feel better on a level that is hard to explain, like I can cope better, I am definitely stronger because of it, I am sure of that.

If you were explaining your experiences with Reiki / Crystal Healing to someone who has never received this kind of healing, what would you say?

I would say go with an open mind and heart and enjoy the experience, which I am sure is different for everyone.

I have had some very powerful physical reactions during treatment and I have also had some very strong emotional responses.

This treatment can’t be categorised like a drug can, it is totally individual and although I don’t know how it works, I know that it works for me and my life is so much better because of it.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Faye is amazing.

She has such an easy going nature, you are immediately at ease and I think that helps the connection during treatment.

I think that Reiki should be available to everyone that has any kind of health issue, especially if it is life limiting because the biggest battle is in your mind and Reiki is empowering.

I absolutely recommend it to everyone!

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