Quite rightly, and responsibly, both clients and therapists may be feeling a little nervous about having 121 appointments at the moment and may want to avoid 121 contact.

Fear not! Distance reiki is here to save the day.

Distance reiki works exactly the same as face to face reiki except there is obviously no touching. The client sits or lies down at home, and the therapist carries out the treatment from their place of work. A number of my clients only receive distance healing, including my lovely Mum. I also like to do distance healing on pets because it allows the pet to stay calm and relaxed in their own environment.

In my appointments, I always confirm when I’m ready to start and get in touch when I’ve finished, plus share any feedback. I advise my clients to get warm and cosy, and put some nice music on. Most people drift off – I do lots of appointments at night time so that my clients have an amazing sleep – adult bedtimes and child bedtimes!

There are a number of reviews on my Facebook and Appointy pages from distance healing clients if you want to take a look what other people say.

If you would like a 121 distance reiki appointment, please get in touch. Prices start at £20 for 30 mins, £30 for 45 mins and £40 for 60 mins.

A number of therapists around the world offer daily or weekly reiki lists where they send distance healing to a list of people; many therapists choose to do this for free.

I have a reiki list which contains friends and family, and various things to do with the world. I am happy to offer this out to the public however I ask for a ‘pay as you feel’ donation. The reason I ask for a donation is that I feel many people ask for free healing, and don’t necessarily appreciate what gift is being given by the universe, or often don’t even consciously sit down to receive the healing. My view is that when there is an exchange, the client takes more notice.

Healing during a Pandemic - the perfect time to try Distance Healing
Just open your mind to the fact that universal energy is everywhere and can go anywhere.

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad

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