Going Natural - Deodorant

This is my latest foray into finding a plastic free deodorant.

I’ve tried Lush naked deodorant – it smelt amazing all day long but it made my armpits red and sore.

I then tried “Your Nature” natural deodorant – lavender and bergamot – which works fine, comes in a cardboard tube, but doesn’t smell very strong. I think I may have been spoilt by the delicious patchoulI scent that lasted all day with the Lush product.

This is my first try of deodorant in a jar and I’m nearly at the end of my first pot. It smells nice and lemony, but again I can’t smell it all day like the Lush one. You have to wipe your fingers afterwards as it leaves a bit of a film on your fingers, however it’s very effective. It’s also locally made in Braintree, which is about an hour away from where I live. I like to support local businesses.

If you make natural deodorant and you’re local-ish to Cambridge let me know!!

And if you’ve found a natural deodorant that also acts like a lovely perfume – get involved in the deodorant chat!!

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