When you book your appointment you will get an email with all the payment details in. I’d prefer if you pay by bank transfer or PayPal. You should pay a £10 non refundable deposit to secure your appointment.

You should not have more than one appointment a week. Having a gap of one week between appointments lets your energy settle after your session. You can have reiki as often or as little as you can afford or want. It would help you more if you could have regular sessions.

Please get in touch with me via phone or email at least 48 hours before your appointment. You pay a £10 non refundable deposit when you book, and it is up to me whether to charge that. If you cancel your appointment too late, I may have incurred costs.

You should feel relaxed, but don’t worry if you don’t. It can take a few sessions to feel relaxed if someone is very stressed. You may feel sleepy, and your emotions may be up and down for a few days whilst your energy settles back down. I tell clients to drink lots of water and listen to their bodies.

Anxiety floated away

I have just had a very relaxing session with Faye, despite my 2yr old investigating the crystals. The anxiety I had this morning has floated away. Thank you so much Faye. Highly recommended!
Jessica Ashbridge
Happy Client