Reiki Healing and Crystal Therapy

Let me lead you to still water and help restore your soul through the gentle energies of reiki and crystal healing.



One-to-one treatments

I offer one-to-one reiki treatments in person in Linton, South Cambridge or by distance reiki.

Group reiki treatments

Group reiki sessions and weekly distance reiki list. Please note that due to COVID some group sessions are currently paused.

Kalma Reiki Cambridge

Highly recommended

After receiving an abundance of Reiki healing from Faye, I am a million times better and extremely happy. I would highly recommend Faye.
Brenda Govender
Happy Client

My Reiki Pricing

Reiki and crystal healing
from £10

  • Relax in the salon or your own home
  • Heal, de-stress, rejuvenate
  • Tailored to what you need when you need it

Classes from

  • Learn to meditate whilst receiving reiki and crystal healing
  • Small, friendly groups
  • Give your mind, body and spirit a weekly treat

Crystal work

£35 – £200

  • Carry on the healing and support in your daily life in between treatments
  • Tailored crystal prescriptions and crystal grids
  • Let crystals work their magic in your life

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